Saturday, 27 April 2013

Funky Fabric

I simply HAVE to show off this gorgeous fabric bundle that arrived earlier this week! I first found the bundle on Emma's Fabric Studio but was gutted to find that it had sold out. After finding out who designed the fabric, which is flannel/brushed cotton, I scoured the internet to try and find some more. Alas, it seemed that no-one was selling these fabrics any longer.

Luckily, I came across Emma's Facebook page and asked if she had any remnants left that I could purchase. She managed to find some of every fabric and so happily sorted out a little bundle for me. So so happy! I fell in love with these designs from the moment I saw them. The bundle is a mixture of fabrics in flannel/brushed cotton from the Riley Blake Designs 'Be Merry' and 'Colourful Christmas' collections.

The colours are so vibrant and funky, I thought they would be perfect for a lap-sized rag quilt. So watch this  space as coming up over the next few weeks, I'll be posting as I make my first project; a Christmas rag quilt.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Patchwork Crazy!

So...this is my first post on here and I wanted to talk about how I became interested in patchwork and quilting. Oh and maybe a little intro on myself.

I'm Caroline/Cazz/Cazzy, depending on who you are and how well I know you ;) and I am mummy to two, gorgeous little girlies whom I could just squeeze to death (but I won't!). Aside from the interest in quilting, I'm also partial to a spot of cooking/baking, reading/researching, Astronomy, Paganism and history. At the moment, I'm between jobs and so finally decided to embark upon this journey of sewing/stitching/quilting. I've been into this for years but never really did much about it, always too busy doing something else or just happy reading and researching, which I do A LOT of. I can recall being drawn to all things patchwork since I was a teenager and bought a bedspread (after much deliberation) when I was about 23 (30 now and not feeling old...yet!). I like making things, not messy things as I hate to get my hands dirty (OCD anyone?) but I've tried my hand at making costumes previously and really enjoyed it. But the quilts are something else. I find them enchanting and will happily spend all day trawling through books and websites staring in awe at quilters wonderful creations. It's the patchwork that does it for me. I suffer from a very odd phobia, Trypophobia, which is essentially a fear of clusters of dark things, like holes, black dots, honeycomb pattern etc. I think this is why I am so drawn to patchwork, because it represents art in a random way and my eyes can deal with it.

Anyway, now that you all think I'm a crazy lady, i'll bring this post to a close by saying I recently bought a sewing machine, a Toyota Quiltmaster 226 and cannot wait to get started! Hoping you can all join me as I start as a complete novice at this quilting lark and see where this journey takes me.

Cazzy x